A7 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Handfree Sports Bluetooth Earphone With Charging Box For iphone Android PK X2T i7/i7s

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note:there is a film to protect the case from scrach during the transportion! it is not scratch!!!

  • the 1 step:take out two earphone ,press both switch for 6 seconds to let go ,until the two headphone indicator light flash red and blue,wait for 3 seconds,

  • double click any one of earphones switch(the main headsets) then two headphone in series with each other,at this point,master headphone showes flashing blue and red,vice headphones

  • shows slow flash blue,then u can pair them to your phone.then 1-2minutes later,both earphone shows slow blue,
    (when it is not paired successfully ,one earphone flash blue light with sound ,

  • another flash red and blue light alternately without sound( as the video updated showes!)

  • can u go to our product page to see the video updated,

  • it is shows how to pairring it successfully .to see whether the earphone piar successfully or not

  • it is mostly depends on earphone indicator light

  • when your think the earphone is bad ,pls send me a pairring video

  •  Which can show the earphone indicator light and swich is flash correctly

  • (warranty only work without negative stars)

  • pls notice on the cell phone call mode only maintain earphone will have sound

  • when u are playing music both earphone work with sound