Front Beam Bicycle Bag

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Material: PU+EVA

Size: about 220*80*85MM

Weight: about 200g

Capacity: 1L

Applies to:

Ordinary screen phone: 4.7-6.2 inch screen phone

Full screen phone: 6-6.5 inch screen phone

Applicable phone body size: 160mm*90mm*9mm


EVA hard shell

Carbon pattern PU

Sensitive touch screen

Rainproof and waterproof fabric

Pressure damping

Rubber waterproof zipper

Cold forming

Rainproof fabric

Hard shell

TPU sensitive touch screen

Rubber waterproof zipper

TPU sensitive touch screen
Hard shell bag
Suitable for full screen mobile phones of 6.5 inches and below

Make full use of the mobile app to make the phone achieve common riding functions.

Cycling code table function

Riding speed function

Cycling navigation

Listen to music by link to headphones

Rainproof and Waterproof

Large space design for storing accessories

Headphone jack design, you can also connect the mobile power cord.

Night safety warning reflective pattern to improve night riding safety

When the bicycle is riding, the bike bag does not touch the legs.